About Us

Story Book Homes in essence, has been around for over 30 years!

The creators of this unique company started in 1985 helping people realize their dreams through creating homes that were inspired by the most important people involved, the family.

Be it a family of one, two or a dozen, everyone has a simple but very important desire, to live in a home, not just a house.

Coupled with that desire is something that we a Story Book Homes has always promoted. Never be afraid to express your dreams!

Through the years the owners of Story Book Homes developed their skills coming from backgrounds of construction, architecture, maintenance, management, trades, and even the arts. Studying endlessly back to the architecture of the past and the needs that have been at the core of families throughout the decades.

We have created small cottages to fulfill the tiny home dreams of families with minimalist desires 25 years before tiny homes were a catch phrase. We have also built medieval castles for the home dreamers of times long ago, and we have built everything in between that the imagination and budget will allow.

Whatever you desire, whatever your budget, you can live in the unique home that you create! A place where you and your families personalities and lifestyle can be realized.